A Talking Crow Befriending a School Has a Foul-Mouth But is Still Beloved by Kids in Oregon

A Talking Crow Befriending a School Has a Foul-Mouth But is Still Beloved by Kids in Oregon

In one Oregon town, kids at a local school noticed that a particularly nosey and brave crow seemed dead-set on getting into the classroom.

Sure enough. Finding an open window at Allen Dale Elementary School, the bird made its way into a fifth-grade classroom and started helping itself to some snacks—all the while adoring the attention from the kids, and being quite friendly.

Oh, and it began talking.

According to local reporting from The Oregonian, the crow was actually a rescued bird that was all grown up and had lived with a family in the community for years, since it was a baby. None of the students or teachers knew that however, and its calm demeanor and vocabulary left them stunned.

“It would say ‘What’s up?’ and ‘I’m fine’ and a lot of swear words,” said Education assistant Naomi Imel. “It was like a parrot. It was the weirdest thing.”

Then, it became “quite the production” when all the grades came out to see the attempt of animal control to try and remove the jolly jabberer from the classroom. Even though one officer fed the bird from his hand, ultimately they left the school empty-handed.

Imel said they decided it was “not in their jurisdiction to catch the crow.”

Little did the school in Grants Pass realize they were just the latest chapter in the strange talking crow story which had begun weeks earlier.

Cosmo frequents a child care center
Returning from an out-of-town Thanksgiving this year, resident JaNeal Shattuck was devastated to find her bird missing.

‘Cosmo’ had escaped, and then been captured by a neighbor, who evidently didn’t like the teasing—which Cosmo had a reputation for doing to those who were uncomfortable around birds—and so whisked the crow away to an animal sanctuary.

Not realizing, however, that the bird was something akin to a housepet, the sanctuary released him back into the wild. That’s when he found his way to the school to “hang out.”

Shattuck’s daughter, Daphnie Colpron, admitted that the corvid knows a lot of words—over 40 now. Cosmo also loves children—and frequents a child daycare center near their house.

“As soon as he found out what time the kids got there, he’d go over there and hang out,” Colpron told the Oregonian. “Sometimes he does use profanity.”

Over the years, reports of a talking crow have caused quite the stir around town.

At Planet Fitness, where JaNeal was working out, he would sit on top of the building talking to people who were going in.

Back at the school the crow’s owners swooped in to relieve Allen Dale Elementary of their new mascot, after learning the news that their bird was spotted.

Cosmo loved those school children so much, it took 45 minutes of temptation with sardines to get her into custody once again.