‘My sister-in-law expects us to pay £45 each for Christmas dinner at her house’

‘My sister-in-law expects us to pay £45 each for Christmas dinner at her house’

It’s no secret that Christmas is an expensive affair, from presents to food to nights out, but things can get pretty complicated when you try and work out how to distribute the cost fairly.

One woman has revealed how her sister-in-law is charging a price per head for hosting a second Christmas dinner at her house, which many people would argue is fair enough – except people are completely divided on the price.

The woman explained how she and her husband have hosted Christmas dinner for the family three times in the past, and during these times her sister-in-law has brought a course, a bottle of wine or even possibly offered £20 towards the cost, but any food or drink they bring that isn’t consumed, they’ll take home with them again.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said her sister-in-law had calculated the cost of the meal and divided it between the guests, meaning they should all contribute £45 each while her sister will provide the extras.

“It’s a relatively long drive to my sister-in-law’s and we’ve never charged like this, even when they stayed at ours and had all their meals here,” she wrote.

“I have already suggested it’s a bit much for some family who are travelling. The hosts earn reasonably well, so I don’t understand this. We’re having to pay £45 to travel two hours and obviously most people won’t be able to drink because they’re driving. Am I over thinking this?”

The woman was met with mixed responses from other Mumsnet users, but many agreed that £45 seemed to be an awful lot of money each if it didn’t even include the price of extras.

“£45? How much profit are they making on this dinner? I don’t mind bringing a dessert or a starter or even both but not cash,” one commented.

Another added: “This is rude. In some families paying for a big dinner like this can be a struggle, and if that’s the issue there need to be ways to contribute, but this doesn’t work. Especially if it means others will be stretched. But charging per plate is rude.”